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Hot Pepper Limited ★ Featured luxury course recommended for year-end party using fresh seafood ingredients!

Hot Pepper Limited ★ Featured luxury course recommended for year-end party using fresh seafood ingredients!

5000 Yen

Only cooking will be 3700 yen.

  • 8items
  • 10-47persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink beer is draft beer of Orion beer.It is unlikely that Orion beer can be drunk as much as you want in Hiratsuka with all you can drink ... and all you can drink to the original "Okinawa kakuu hero!" Of course Awamori, Shochu, Sour and Nantes all you can drink.I get lost about what to drink

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope the day before until 23:00
Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

It is a limited-time discount price of the year-end party !! It is available from more than 10 people ★ Our course recommended that 【Recommended morning-ware selected fresh fish sashimi assortment】 and 【hot hot seafood pot】 also entered.Recommended plan in the coming season !!

Course menu

Plan of this for you that this party party is a little luxurious go!Over 100 different types of unlimited drinks menu."Oh yeah, it's a secretary, but the store has not been decided ..."

A good news for you of such sweating.Anyway, please try to make a reservation.You can accommodate up to 50 people with plenty of papa.The banquet menu of delight for both the boss and seniors

I am confident, I am really confident!

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【Assorted sashimi】 Assorted sashimi of 10 varieties

Ten great varieties of the best delicious fish selected carefully by fish lovers shopkeepers themselves were also assorted

【Pot】 Hot seafood hot pot

Here is a hot pot with plenty of fresh seafood ingredients

[Okinawa cuisine] 6 goods

Deliver special seasonal dishes on a daily basis

Cooking content is an example.Season, depending on purchasing situation may change

※ 2 hours with all you can drink ☆

(Last order 30 minutes ago)

All-you-can-drink menu

· Orion beer / non alcoholic beer / hoppy (white / black)
High ball / Cork highball
, Red, and white
·plum wine
· Sugar-free plum wine / Awamori plum wine / Shisui plum wine / Green tea plum wine / Tea divide divide / Sanshin tea split / Oolong crack / Green tea split
· Sequercer / Passion fruit / Momo vinegar / Island banana / Orange / Lemon / Grapefruit / Calpis
·Fruit wine
· Momo / La France / Ichigo / Kiwi / Grape / Hass Cup
· Tiger Cocktail
· PAIKAJI Sunrise / Dreaming Shisa / Island WINE / Awamori Tonic / Tropical R 58 / Beach Cork
Standard cocktail
· Cassis (Orange · Grapefruit · Soda · Oolong · Sanpin) / Lychee (Orange · Grapefruit) / Passion (Tonic · Orange · Grapefruit)
· Inari Ishi Mild / beautiful Kuri / Wanza / Remaining wave White / Ryukyu Classic / Ruizen / Tadataka / Kumejima's Kume Sen / Nico Nico Taro / Maomi / Direct Fire Buddhist / Yamabara Kuna / Kura / Ryu / Tamaki / Saki Original sake / Taiping / Masahiro Black / Kikunoshiro Brown / Tara River Brown / Yae Izumi / Shirayuri
· Black Kirishima (potato) / Ichiban (potato) / Tanabata (potato) / Firefly (sweet potato) / Satsuma Baoshan (potato) / Wired (sugar) / Kikaijima (Brown sugar) / Ren (Brown sugar) / Ichibancho ) / Three years kneading (black sugar) / River of God (wheat) / Shiratake (rice) / Unkai (soba) / Red maiden (sesame)

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